Benefits and Training

TLG Security Training Program

All security officers on the TLG Team must undergo a rigorous and comprehensive training program.
Designed by security experts and accompanied by real-world field training, this series takes licensed security personnel on an engaging and interactive journey. The knowledge, abilities, and skills developed in the program include:

Physical Security and Crime Prevention
Threat assessment, asset protection, rules of observation, barriers, lighting, locks, alarms

Patrols and Fixed Posts
Patrol and perimeter technique, tactics for patrol in darkness, fixed post/guardhouse duty

Human and Public Relations
Client-centered attitude, serving the public, conflict resolution, relationship with law enforcement, dealing with the media

Security Communications
Report writing, communication equipment, security communication logs, emergency and command communication

Professional Conduct
Ethics, professional appearance, standards of conduct, discretion, policy on use of force

Fire and Life Safety
Fire prevention, communicating about safety, evacuation preparedness, extinguisher use

Emergency Situations
Terrorism, threat response, medical emergency, evacuation, crowd and traffic control, natural disasters, workplace violence, incident scene preservation

Criminal and Civil Law
Investigations, evidence preservation, interviewing skills, policy on detainment

TLG Valet and Shuttle Training

All valet attendants and shuttle drivers will undergo interactive training on the following topics as well as operations to each client:

  • Client-Centered Relationships
  • Human and Public Relations
  • Professional Conduct
  • Life Safety

TLG Team Member Benefits

TLG offers a variety of benefit and incentive programs designed to motivate Team Members to pursue professional growth and personal wellness:

  1. Paid Team Orientation
    Introduces the team mission, structure, practices, and opportunities
  2. Paid training by security experts
    Basic and advanced security topics
  3. Comprehensive health insurance
    Plans include medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage
  4. Advancement opportunities
    Education, experience, and reliability may open new doors
  5. Performance awards
    Recognition for acts of commitment, integrity, and exemplary performance
  6. College tuition assistance
    Support for those seeking higher education in the security field
  7. Personal wellness initiatives
    Stay fit, stop smoking, and eat right