Valet Parking Management

TLG enjoys its reputation for friendly, professional, and speedy valet parking services.

We understand that service received from valet is often the first encounter your visitors will have at your business. We promise to make their experience a great one.

Our steadfast commitment to superior training of all TLG Team Members creates a noticeable difference from day one. Interactive field training that refines site-specific skills is preceded by the successful completion of our Valet Training Series. Courses are in-depth and include client-centered relationships, human/public relations, life safety, and professional conduct.

With over 20 years of experience in safety, security, and public interaction, TLG is positioned to bring unique elements to its valet parking program.

We offer a keener focus on visitor safety, a vigilant eye on asset protection, and a heightened sense of public assistance. Together these abilities create an unparalleled enhancement to the valet function.

Partner with TLG when managing parking challenges. Our Specialists and Account Managers will assess the existing situation and design efficient solutions, with all of your criteria in mind. We will provide equipment, order signage, and deploy professionally trained and uniformed valet personnel. TLG can create increased parking capacity, organized traffic flow, and improved visitor experiences. When off-site parking is the best solution, TLG will bring in its Shuttle Transportation Team.

Learn about our Shuttle Transportation Services.

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