Our Secure Commitment

The security needs of your business will undoubtedly change over time. That’s why it’s important to partner with a reliable security company that can adapt as your business evolves.

While TLG has successfully met the challenges of a transformed security landscape, our focus and values have remained the same—we are dedicated to the security and complete satisfaction of every client every day. Our lasting relationships are a tribute to the TLG Team and our un-wavering commitment to protecting our clients’ interests.

TLG will grow alongside your organization with customizable services that allow the address of every security need. Our specialists are passionate about designing integrated programs to secure your environment. Our Team Members, as we like to call our employees, share our drive and take pride in their work.

At TLG, we promise to stand by each of our commitments with the utmost integrity. Partner with us to experience security in a new way.


What’s Being Said About TLG

“Since 1994 I have had the pleasure of working with TLG on a variety of projects. I have come to know this company as conscientious and hard-working with a focus on client relationship management and an incorporation of technology trends. TLG is one of the best-managed guard companies I have ever used in my 32 years in transportation security.”
Edward G. Naldoza
Certified Homeland Security Level III/American College of Forensic Examiners CHS-III

Naldoza and Associates
Stockton, CA

“I was impressed with the quality of officers…and with the officers’ appearance was exemplary. [Ian McDonnell, Owner] attentions to detail, showing up personally…was really appreciated. The hospital managers’ comments regarding security were exceptional. Thank you.”
John Walker
Safety/Security Manager
O’Connor Hospital, San Jose